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This section has many clips of multimedia projects I have done. These are just a few of the many video, CD-ROM, DVD, Internet and Intranet projects I have done. Mouse over the images above and and click on the ones you would like to view. WARNING: These video clips may tax your computer's ability to play. If you have a dial up Internet connection, they may take several minutes to load. If you have DSL or higher, they should run fine but may take 30 seconds to load. If you would like a video tape with better quality, just click HERE and send me an e-mail. Thanks again for watching! Enjoy.


Here are some links to web sites I have designed:

Zumbro Valley Rifle Club

Cedar Valley Conservation Club

Pheasants Forever & Mower County Habitat

YouTube Channel OTCTOOLGUY

YouTube Channel EZ Tomato Cage

YouTube Channel Crooked Creek Guest Ranch

Here are some links to web sites I have helped design or webmastered:


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